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Sheshee Bridal
by  Lorraine Sutton

How We Work


Consultations  You only have to contact me to book a consultation time, it is free and without obligation.


At this first meeting I listen to the thoughts and ideas that you have about your gown and discuss in depth the design, including fabric choice and budget etc. Often or not clients bring pictures from magazines or even drawings to show aspects of design and the features they want in their gown. You can gather all the various elements you like i.e. a sleeve from here, a neck line from there, a skirt of this length, this colour fabric or trim. All in all what matters most is that you leave this meeting with the confidence that I will bring into reality your dream wedding dress or designer gown.


Making of the gown  There will be at least four appointments when making and fitting your gown.


At the first appointment I take your measurements and finalise your design. Hint: remember choice of undergarments play a role in the fit of your gown and needs to be discussed before the second appointment.

At the second appointment you will try on a full calico mock-up (toile) of your gown. This brings you confidence in the dress design and ensures perfect fit as any changes can be made at this time (this toile will serve as the tailored pattern for the making of the final gown in your actual fabrics). Hint: stay clear of anyone who won't make a full calico mock up (toile).

The third and fourth appointments are for fittings of the real gown and accessories etc. Remember shoe height is very important when hemming the final garment.


  What’s next?


Most Brides book me well in advance. So to avoid disappointment, whether it is for a bridal gown or other garments please contact me at your earliest convenience.